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VHF DUAL Channel Wireless Microphone System

Regular   Price : $299.00



Introducing K-Pad Karaoke
Wireless Microphone Systm
( K-Pad 2012 W )


     K-Pad Karaoke is referred to Karaoke portable!


     A Corded Mic is operated with the vocal signal transmitted through a Mic Wire. The Wireless Mic is operated through Frequencies in the air.


     If I give you just a Wireless Mic, it won’t work! Each Wireless Mic is a transmitter of a Frequency and you need a Wireless Frequency Receiver which is built-in the same Frequency as the one transmitted by the Wireless Mic. That is how Wireless Mic System works.


     This K-Pad 2012 W is a Receiver of two different Frequencies for two Wireless Mic and they will not interfere with each other.


     There are 3 bands of Frequencies: FM (88 MHZ to 180 MHZ), VHF(108 MHZ to 400 MHZ) and UHF (400 MHZ to 800 MHZ).


     K-Pad Wireless Mic System is operated through VHF Frequencies.


     The Receiver is portable and lightweight (only 1 KG) for you to carry and enjoy singing with the 
K-Pad Jukebox Karaoke Machine.